Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Shot the Snapshot, but I Did Not Shoot My Sanity

As you may be aware, I recently participated in Progressive's Snapshot program in hopes to save the advertised "as much as 30%" on my car insurance. I have opted out.

Last week I received my discount based on 30 days of driving. Because I am lazy and do not want to create a spreadsheet (which is atypical, given my love of all things spreadsheetable), I'll just say that my driving was well within the required parameters (Read about that here, and here). Regardless, Progressive offered me a whopping 3% discount, with the estimate that this incredibly generous discount would renew in my next policy period. All in all, I was offered a savings of $1 a month.

Now HANG ON to your hats there people! I know, that's $12 a year! That's enough to buy:

  • One month of my gym membership
  • Two and four-tenths orders of sticky rice
  • Twelve of my "Simple Truth" organic energy bars (fifteen when they're on sale!)
  • book in my Amazon wish list
  • Twelve Various roller-items from the local Speedway 
The possibilities are endless!

As it turns out, consumption of anything from a roller grill may void existing
Health and/or Life policies and may prevent future coverage as a propensity to
ingest these "items" may indicate a pre-existing condition.
All kidding aside, I really hate parting with a savings. Even if it is as small as $1 a month. Given the debt situation we are in, every dollar helps. While the old me would have gone out and spent $12 on lunch without a second thought, I am now spending less than $12 for a whole WEEK of lunches. My mentality has shifted and I value every dollar I make and every dollar I save.

That said, I also truly value my sanity and Snapshot was making me crazy. I found myself far over thinking and over estimating braking to ensure I didn't get a hard brake. This was both stressful and dangerous (since I was confusing the living bat turds out of the drivers around me). I was annoyed every time it beeped at me for a hard brake - and I was angry at other drivers when they forced me into a hard brake situation. I was worried about the already few miles I was driving and trying to avoid additional trips. The Snapshot device was having a serious impact on my sanity.  It was irritating - plain and simple. Thus, when I received my offered discount, I promptly opted-out of the program and returned the device per their instructions. 

Some things are worth sacrificing in order to save money. Others are not. Sanity is definitely not something I'm willing to sacrifice - at least for $1 a month (give me $350,000 and you can put me in the looney bin personally).

Where have you decided to spend more than necessary, or that savings just aren't worth it? Let me know in the comments below or at disindebted@gmail.com.

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