Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Snapshot Update

Previously, I mentioned that I am using Progressive's Snapshot program to try to save money on my car insurance. See my updated details below.

As you can see - I had a brutal day Tuesday with a total of FOUR hard brakes. Bunch of animals in this town! Anyway, note that my daily averages look good and I am only driving 14 miles per day on average. Given that Progressive wants this number under 30 miles a day, I am a serious low mileage driver. The only question - how bad am I going to get dinged on the hard braking?

Trust me. It is NOTHING like this.

Shouldn't be too long and I will receive my updated quote. We will all find out just how much braking is a factor in this gig.

Have you tried Progressive's Snapshot? Leave your questions or comments below or send them to

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